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Transform Your Brand with 3 Easy Marketing Trends
Marketing trends underscore the many opportunities in content marketing, video, and mobile advertising to make a real and valuable impact on consumers - Jan 28, 2015
The marketing chasm that exists today has 66% of consumers believing that the value exchange between brands and consumers is simply one-sided and 70% feel that brands are motivated only by a self-centered desire to exploit profits rather than a sincere commitment to its consumers, according to Edeleman Research, October ...

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The 2015 Marketing Diet: Shedding Data, Strengthening Gut
How do we, as marketers, identify the best ways to whittle down our marketing waistlines? - Jan 14, 2015
Diets in marketing are akin to diets in our lives: challenging, but ultimately doable when we commit to making the changes that matter. For many companies the beginning of the year is a time to drop the "extras" that may be weighing down their brand's marketing efforts. But there is ...

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